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What is an index and what it isn't

An index is a structured list in alphabetical, numerical or chronological order with references to and between relevant subjects, names, concepts and other parts in the text of a book, periodical, website or other publication.

It is not a table of contents or simply a list of words which appear most in a text. A proper index cannot be generated by a computer, but needs to be written by a professional indexer who places the major topics of a book in the right context and who can determine which subjects really do matter. The indexer reads the text, identifies the major subjects, concepts, names, etc. and translates them into search terms (main and sub-entries). If necessary, the indexer includes 'see'/'see also' cross references (for example in case of synonyms). Whilst writing the index, the indexer should always keep the background of the target readers, their way of thinking and possible search behaviour in mind.

Depending on the type of publication and search requirements, different indexes can be made: subject indexes, name indexes, chronological indexes or a combination thereof. A good index makes a publication more reader-friendly as the reader can quickly find out if and where the subject of his/her interest can be found. A proper index therefore adds value to your publication. Many people first check the index before buying a book.

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My indexing services

I make indexes for general science and scientific books, lifestyle books, school/textbooks, general reference publications, loose-leave publications, periodicals, yearbooks and other types of publications. I use the specialised indexing programme Macrex or can use the client's software if wished.

I have experience and feel comfortable in the following subject areas:

  • agriculture
  • archeology
  • art
  • consumer goods
  • culture
  • economy and trade
  • environment and nature
  • history
  • human rights
  • information technology
  • international relations
  • law and legislation
  • linguistics
  • literature and poetry
  • preservation of monuments
  • religion
  • social sciences
  • urban and regional planning
  • transportation and logistics


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Clients I worked for directly and indirectly include:                                                                                                                                

"I feel confident in outsourcing indexing assignments to Jacqueline. She meets all the conditions to deliver a good index: reliability, accuracy and punctuality" - Henk Revier, VOF Sewalt & Revier

You can find an overview of indexed books here.

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