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'A good index sheds light on an illuminating book'



I am a freelance professional indexer with over 15 years of experience in book indexing and a varied background in library development, knowledge management and desk research with leading international consultancy firms.  

Though I can index any publication aimed at a general audience, my main focus is on (semi)scientific publications in the areas of social sciences in general, religion, history, art, international relations, human rights, and law & legislation.

My strength is in delivering thorough indexes highlighting a publication's core subjects and their contexts whilst at the same time keeping an eye for detail. An approach which is appreciated by many authors and readers. 

I work from my home office based in Leiwen, a picturesque wine village along the German Mosel river and an inspirational place to work from.

My client base consists of renowned international publishers, universities and individual authors. I write indexes in English, Dutch and German.

In my spare time I enjoy painting, making wine-themed art & deco, playing piano, wining & dining, boating, hiking, and Nordic walking.

Please feel free to have a look around my website for more information about indexing in general, my background, portfolio and conditions.

Jacqueline Pitchford, Leiwen, March 2018

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