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Fees & Quotes

Indexing services

My fee is based on the number of indexable pages. Indexable pages usually include introduction, chapters, pages with footnotes, and pages with illustrations. As a guideline you can assume a fee of 3.85 per indexable page. This fee is based on my usual type of work: indexing of scientific and popular scientific publications.

Factors that can affect the fee, include:

  • Complexity of text/subject
  • Level of required detail in index
  • Number of indexes required
  • Extremely tight deadlines
  • Necessity to work unsocial hours

The fee per page includes two to three hours for processing any modifications to the index after delivery of the index on request of the author. Any more time needed will be charged for extra.

A surcharge will be applicable if modification of the index is needed due to changes to the proofs during or after the indexing process (for example, in case of changes in the pagination). This surcharge is based on an hourly rate of 38.50.  

I would really appreciate if you could send me a complimentary copy of the book for which I wrote the index.

In order to make an accurate quote, please provide me with as much information as possible, such as:

  • Type of publication and its audience
  • PDF of the text
  • Title and subject of the publication
  • Author/editor
  • Number of indexable pages
  • Indexable pages (just introduction and chapters, or also notes, illustrations, preface, appendices, etc.?)
  • Maximum number of pages available for the index
  • Type of index required (e.g. subject, name, chronological or a combination)
  • House-style instructions (if none available I will use the British Standards - BS ISO 999:1996 / BS 1749:1985)
  • Delivery date of proofs
  • Deadline for the index
  • Format of the index (text file, PDF etc.)

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Desk research

A different hourly fee applies to desk research services. The fee depends on the size and complexity of the information request, the duration of the assignment, and the deadline. Apart from the hourly fee other cost may occur, such as cost for information sources and searches in commercial databases, and any other related costs. A minimum of 1 hour is charged for all information requests.


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