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Desk Research

What is desk research?

Desk research (also known as secondary research) comprises the collection of existing data and information from a variety of publicly available sources such as professional newspapers and magazines, the Internet, publications and statistics of governmental and non-governmental institutions, annual reports, market reports and (non)-commercial databases. Desk research is often carried out to gain background knowledge of a subject, a market or a potential client.

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My desk research services

Apart from collecting the 'rough' data and information I can analyse the information for you and process it into one of the following end products or combination of them:

  • bibliographies / lists of available literature
  • abstracts
  • rewriting of articles
  • product and supplier overviews
  • company profiles
  • public record research
  • market reports
  • SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) - analyses
  • PEST (Political-Economic-Social-Technological) - analysis

Obviously, all your information requests will be treated confidentially.

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I have done desk research assignments in the following sectors:

  • agriculture and forestry
  • banking
  • energy
  • entertainment industry
  • health care
  • mining and extraction
  • (online) retail
  • transportation and logistics

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Clients I worked for include Global Intelligence Alliance (now M-Brain), NBD Consulting (Netherlands), Sharp4U Consultancy, and UTi (now DSV).

"Since a long time I have worked together with Jacqueline, especially on short term research engagements. She is able to draw a picture of the current market situation or industry, based on available sources. She is great in managing expectations and in communicating progress of the engagement and what is feasible or not. Hopefully we can continue to work together for a long time." - Eric Hoek, Owner/Director, NBD Consulting

"Jacqueline is a professional analyst, she really gives value for money. High quality results are delivered on time. She is a very pleasant person to work with as well." - Philippe Brandts, Managing Director Benelux, Global Intelligence Alliance

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