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About me

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Educational and professional background

I started my indexing career in 2004 in the Netherlands, my home country. This was not long after I had become a mum and was looking for more freedom in combining work with looking after our young children. Not long after I completed the Training in Indexing of the Society of Indexers (UK) and became an accredited indexer. Apart from the flexibility of not having to stick to fixed office hours this appeared to be a good move as a few years later our family moved abroad to Luxembourg and Germany and the work could easily move with me. Since then I work from my home office in Leiwen, a tranquil wine village along the beautiful and inspirational Mosel river.

My work as an indexer aligns with my educational background and previous career experience. After having obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science from The Hague University, I became active in different sorts of information services work. I started my working career as a library development consultant for a small Dutch consultancy firm which initiated and monitored development projects for the Dutch government in South East Asia. Subsequently I worked in more commercial settings as an information specialist, desk research coordinator, and knowledge manager for leading consultancy firms such as KPMG Consulting and McKinsey & Company.

I am fluent in Dutch, English and German and can read and speak French and Luxembourgish to an average level. I provide indexing services in English, Dutch and German.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, running, painting, making wine-themed art and going on little breaks in our beautiful region or further away. These hobbies help me clearing my head after intensive assignments and allow me to start refreshed on new projects!


In 2011, a team of indexers consisting of Caroline Diepeveen, Pierke Bosschieter and myself was awarded with the Wheatley Medal for our teamwork writing the index to the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (Brill, 2010)



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