A good index lights the path through an illuminating book

You probably arrived here because you are in the process of writing a book or are in the last stage towards actual publication and still need an index to complete your work. Writing an index for your book is one of the important but easily underestimated steps towards finalising your work. A good index adds tremendous value to your work as it makes the contents of your work much more accessible for your readers. The quality of an index can even influence someone’s decision to buy your book or not! Writing a good index takes time and requires special skills. So why not outsource this job to a professional indexer?

My name is Jacqueline Pitchford and I have been working as a freelance professional indexer since 2004. I am specialised in writing indexes for academic publications in the area of social sciences and humanities. My customer base consists of renowned international publishers, universities, research institutions, and individual authors.  

My strength lies in delivering user-friendly and thorough indexes which highlight a publication’s core subjects and their contexts whilst at the same time keeping an eye for detail. An approach which is appreciated by my customers and their readers. 

I work from my home office in Leiwen, a beautiful and tranquil German wine village along the Mosel river and an inspirational place to work from.

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